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This is from November, 2017. That would put it after the 'big boat' was damaged in the marina explosion, and before I bought an ocean view condo in, well, Ocean View, VA.  :)
At the helm is friend George, who blasted into the marina one afternoon in a big motor cruiser, and went on to a 53-some foot Amel sailboat in PR. Understand they are back in the States now...somewhere in Florida.
He and his wife took us in for a couple of nights right after the explosion, as we were not allowed back onboard for many days while the investigatory teams did their forensics.
Loved the Fingal. Great sailing characteristics. An old one-lunger Bukh diesel engine that didn't like to start in cold weather.
Down-below was spartan, and in the end it wasn't worth the complete refit she would have needed. But, she had a fantastic spirit and we always felt safe even during 11:30PM sails out to the bridge tunnel and back after work. She's in new hands now, down in Florida last I knew. Sorry to say she looked worse for the wear, but hoping the new owner will bring her back.
<![CDATA[A walk in the Maine woods]]>Tue, 06 Feb 2018 20:09:36 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/a-walk-in-the-woods
Apologies to Bill Bryson for the intentional reference, but that's how it's felt out here on the peninsula lately...as if you're deep in the dark primordial woods. The freezing temps have been replaced by a cold rain and everything is soaked. Gorgeous to see, but look out for the unseen patches of ice beneath the surface!
<![CDATA[Throwback Tuesday - Boston]]>Sat, 03 Feb 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/throwback-tuesday-boston
This image was made in Sept, 2006 with a Canon PowerShot S70. Coming up on twelve years ago. 28~100mm lens, 7MP, not bad at all. At that time I was smack in the middle of the transition to digital. By then I'd sold the two-body, five-prime lens Canon F-1 motor drive 'photojournalism' outfit; the two-body, three-prime Hasselblad studio kit; and even the 4x5 Toyo and Leica M3. However, pro [full-frame] digital gear was still way too dear. Think $10k, $20k. $30k for a body and lens dear. Yes, yes. I had that much in total in the other gear and yes, you can spend that today on a spartan Leica SL or Phase1 setup. But, I wasn't supporting myself with photography since I'd also unloaded the film business, so pocket cameras were all could consider. One barely affordable option was a crop-sensor camera, but I just couldn't get my head around it - how do I buy lenses...for what they do on the short-term crop body or their eventual use? And, when will that be? I'd love to hear from anyone who threaded that needle successfully. But for me, it meant pocket digital cameras with tiny sensors. The advantage though, besides price, was their portability. I probably had a camera with me far more often than I would have had I stuck to the big guns. [this was pre-iPhone days don't forget]  :)
<![CDATA[The Christmas Card]]>Tue, 30 Jan 2018 13:19:12 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/the-christmas-card
The image above is front and back of a Christmas card I shot back in 2015. Decorum dictates that one not talk about shoots like this contemporaneously or share the inside sentiment, but enough time has passed to tell you this story...

I'd been shooting off and on for various offices at the Department of State for about five years I guess when I got the most amazing email. I was asked to call the person designing the Secretary's 2015 Christmas card...likely his last one in office. I had worked with this designer on other projects, but we had recently moved from Alexandria to Newport so the request really was a bolt out of the blue...would I be able to fly down to Washington the following month and bang this out in a day? Yes, of course. I began making travel plans.

Since my color lab and sailing days I've often been amazed at how it is that attending to a little chore, mending a leak or a sail, or making some little upgrade can be the difference between success and, if not disaster, inconvenience and a rushed fix some day in the hazy future.

So it was here. I'd already recently upgraded camera bodies to a Canon 5DS...not that 50MP was going to be required for a postcard sized image but great to have the latest, and the new HDR features might come in very handy as I spent the rest of the day shooting rooms for another department who gotten wind of my visit. 

In addition to the camera I'd finally found a sharp wide-angle zoom from Canon, the 16-35mm f4L. The corners on all previous lenses in this range had been mushy, but this guy was tack sharp all the way across...perfect for this type of indoor architectural work! Add in a new Tenba roller bag picked up on discount by joining some association and fresh umbrellas, light stands, and carry bag for lighting stuff and I was already kitted out.

I flew down the day before and stayed at a great old hotel close to State. That evening I calmed my nerves with a walk around the neighborhood, found a brightly lit outdoor restaurant and hearty dinner, and retired early.

The next morning, Nov 13th, was bright and beautiful. The walk to and then around the building to the security shack in front dragging all my stuff had me huffing and puffing. Whew. Up to an office or two, down to more security on the Secretary's floor, surrender phones and electronics, and get to work.

As is often the case, the art director already had a few ideas in mind but was open to suggestions. We decided on one main shot and agreed that I'd take a quick pass at the other two setups before leaving. This one took a few hours and involved scrims over huge windows on the right, and carefully snooted lights on the tree and flag.

While the 16-35mm was of great use later in the day, I ended up using the 24-105 f4L lens at 28mm for this. Exposure was 3 seconds at f8 in order to pick up a lot of ambient light. Post involved cloning in most of the floor from a shorter exposure to minimize the tree light reflections there. 

I'd already checked out of the hotel and had my bags, so after a long day of shooting other rooms I grabbed a taxi over to Reagan National to meet a friend at Legal Seafoods. We had worked together in Pentagon City and it was great to catch up.

​As we were sitting there having a couple of beers CNN started showing clips of the coordinated terrorist attacks and bombing in Paris. Awful. We were stunned. I headed for my gate, he for the Metro home, both reflecting on how the world had seemingly changed. The change does not seem to have let up since then.
<![CDATA[Jan 25th update]]>Thu, 25 Jan 2018 21:14:20 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/jan-25th-update
Birthday week for Mom and Collin. And, hanging the new original John Platt painting 'The Thrill of it All'. Wow, Quite a week.
<![CDATA[Cold, cold sea]]>Wed, 24 Jan 2018 18:59:06 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/cold-cold-sea
A few more from the sub-zero ocean pics last week. 
<![CDATA[Birthday girl in Boston. 00's.]]>Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:35:16 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/boston-90s
Wifey lived on the green line for a semester, and then North End. I loved the street scene in both neighborhoods. Party times were fun to go out and walk around in. Those Boston college kids did it up real nice.
<![CDATA[Smoke on the water]]>Mon, 15 Jan 2018 15:23:10 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/smoke-on-the-water
Lovely morning on the water. It was around 50F yesterday, 5F this morning. Such a change is tough on everyone. Lots of ice and frozen mud. Life goes on of course. Fishing in these conditions has got to be a challenge especially.
<![CDATA[More travels]]>Sun, 14 Jan 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/more-travels
Yes, yes. You're right. Post 'em anyway. OK! First and last are from Hanoi, middle four from Morocco. Great people in both countries. So welcoming. So kind. Doing their best for themselves, their kids, their communities. Just heartwarming.
<![CDATA[Travel B&W]]>Sat, 13 Jan 2018 18:28:57 GMThttp://chrisstump.com/home/travel-bw
This was going to be a gallery of travel b&w images. So far, so good.

But, if there's one 'lesson' I've learned recently it's that viewers don't appreciate disjointed collections of images...they like to see cohesive portfolios based on a common theme. 

In fact, I recently submitted to an informal online contest. More of a 'submit what you like and I [the blog owner] will post what I feel worthy' situation, as I understood it. The rules were simple: B&W, up to 3 images. Got it.

Come to find out after that the site owner felt that actually submitting three images was indicative of a desperation to 'win' [whatever that meant in this case]. Huh? In fact, those who submitted only one image were deemed somehow more worthy.

Anyway, upon reflection and after recent experiences, I decided the images I'd chosen for this post didn't really tell a story. So, here's one image. Taken in Bangkok. Love travel photography. More later.